Media Training

Castro offers customized media training for executives, directors and spokespersons. Be well prepared to speak to the media.

Bad news gets around faster than good news, especially through social media. In today's media landscape, a small mistake can quickly have major consequences. Good preparation is therefore essential, so that you address the media with the right message. Almost all questions can be thought of in advance, so can the answers.

Naturally, there are major differences between directors, executives and spokespeople in terms of experience with media and speaking to journalists. At Castro, we adapt to the level and specific needs. We offer basic media and presentation training for both individuals and groups, as well as executive teams. 

We also offer fully customized media training for executives and spokespersons, for example in the run-up to an important media appearance. Several (international) companies and organizations have their directors trained prior to important media appearances, such as national interviews on TV or in newspapers. Others choose to do this in the run-up to important moments, such as the announcement of (half) yearly figures or other big news that is brought out.

Learn to effectively convey your story

In our media training we give you the tools to effectively tell what needs to be heard. Founder Stefan de Bruijn has been giving media trainings for over fifteen years and has a journalistic background. He gives presentation and media trainings almost every week. Founder Frits Huffnagel has had many media appearances himself and can be seen on TV every week. He has learned that you should not make your story more difficult than it is. You will lose the attention of the recipient or shift it to an aspect that your story is not about.

Getting Started

A media training with Castro means: intensive, interactive and, above all, lots of practice. Together, we'll work on your message and how to get it across. Want to know more about how we can help your company or organization with media training? Then get in touch.