City Marketing

Is your area, city or region truly defined on the map?

Area marketing or city marketing involves the residents, businesses and visitors who give the area a certain character. Through marketing, any area can also be put figuratively on the map. Whether the goal is to attract future residents for a new residential area or retailers for a shopping center; with experienced advisors in area marketing, Castro Communications helps determine and achieve your goals.

Area marketing always involves several parties, each with their own needs and requirements. It is therefore important to create support and ensure that there is a joint approach to achieving the goals. Within this process, several conversations are therefore necessary with the parties involved, so that a good picture can be formed of the positive points of an area in which one can agree. As an area marketing consultant, Castro can facilitate this. We focus on an optimistic story, which we develop into an implementation plan. The emphasis is on concrete results. 

Creating a clear approach for your city or area marketing is an (important) step. Ultimately, success stands or falls with execution. At Castro Communications, we have extensive experience in implementing communication plans and strategies. And we have been involved in (the execution of) many projects in the field of city and area marketing, for example with the introduction of I amsterdam.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about how we too can support you in implementing area and city marketing.