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Does your target audience know exactly what your company or organisation stands for? Is your reputation good? Are you regularly in the media with the right message? Many companies and organisations turn to Castro to improve their (corporate) communications, reputation and visibility.

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A good reputation is important for achieving your goals. Castro Communicatie helps companies and organisations create and improve their (corporate) communication strategy. What is the story of your company or organisation, and how do you communicate it in the best possible way? What is a credible, realistic and distinctive story?

We do this for a variety of companies: from multinationals such as platform companies to smaller foundations.


Having a concrete strategy and actions on paper is one thing; in the end, it's all about execution and getting results. If required, the team at Castro Communicatie helps clients implement the communication strategy. We are pragmatic and hands-on, and switch quickly: with the client, with media and with other stakeholders.


Good preparation is half the battle. Castro Communicatie has extensive experience in training and preparing directors, board members and spokesmen. Can you or can your director or executive already communicate the right message in an excellent way? Do you know what to do if a crisis situation arises?

Castro Communicatie provides the following training courses:

  • Media Training
  • Presentation Training
  • Crisis Communication

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