Media Guidance

Castro offers you expert media guidance so that your company's or organization's message is well received.

The importance of media mentoring by Castro

Do you respond to a media request or not? What is your message? How do you handle certain critical questions and topics? What are the do's and dont's with interviews. Small and large companies and organizations run up against these issues regularly, sometimes on a daily basis. 

At Castro, we'll advise you on this and make sure your activities and those of your organization around and in the media have a positive impact. We guide you so that when the media approaches you, you know what and how to win.



Good preparation is half the battle. Through good preparation, you create predictability. This gives you control over the situation, allowing you to answer critical questions without difficulty and knowing how to handle difficult situations. In addition to preparing for possible questions and topics, it is also important to make clear agreements with journalists, for example to do a fact check before your opinion article is published. Castro can help you with this.

We look with you at the conditions on the ground to create a representative situation. Castro's strong journalistic network is used to ensure that your message reaches the right channels in the right way. Media guidance from Castro provides you with all the tools you need so that you and your organization can use the right media strategy.