Public affairs

How effective is your organization's public affairs strategy?

Lobbying and public affairs are often mentioned in the same breath. At Castro Communicatie, we see public affairs as much more than pure lobbying. Stakeholders are more critical than ever, thanks in part to the current media landscape. Digitalisation has made it much easier for society to reach politicians through social media. The old-fashioned way of exerting influence by companies is transforming into direct influence from society. In short, public opinion has become a very important aspect that should be included in your organisation's public affairs strategy.

All these opinions and interests are weighed by administrators and politicians, afterwards they are translated into policy. The rise of new parties leads to polarisation on both the left and the right, so the current political playing field is firmly fragmented. At Castro Communicatie, we work with your organisation to shape a clear narrative and bring it to the right actors within the complex political landscape. Through our years of experience at various political levels, Castro has a very strong political-administrative and official network. 

Together we work on public affairs strategies with a structural and result-oriented character. From listed companies to foundations; an effective public affairs strategy ensures that you stay well ahead of your competitors in the battle for the attention of your target audience and stakeholders.

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