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What is the government's policy in a particular area, how do you influence that policy, which officials, politicians or administrators do you need to talk to and what should you tell them? These are questions that virtually all businesses and organisations regularly run into. Castro will help you with them.

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For many businesses and organisations, government ʻspeaks a different languageʼ. In their daily work, most entrepreneurs and administrators do not talk about motions and amendments, legislative changes, draft zoning plans, subsidy regulations and permit procedures. Yet it is important to know what is going on "in politics. Sooner or later, it can affect your business operations (tremendously). Castro has extensive political experience and knowledge and a good network. We advise companies and organisations on how best to approach their lobbying. It is crucial to start doing this in advance.


The world of politics and lobbying is dynamic. It is important to have the right contacts and respond to current developments. It is also crucial to make friends "when you don't need them yet. By building good relationships, your point of view and position will be well heard or you may even get "a seat at the table. Castro assists many companies and organisations to deal with this in the most effective way possible and also helps make contacts.


Lobbying is a skill on its own. Castro Communicatie trains (new) administrators and directors and others involved in effective lobbying. We do this interactively, with realistic and challenging cases and examples.

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