Crisis and issue management

How does your organization deal with issues and crises?

As an organization, you can always face issues and/or crises. The way you communicate with consumers, employees, stakeholders or residents is more important than ever at the time of a crisis. Mistakes can be punished harshly and make the situation worse. Sometimes you cannot see a crisis coming far in advance, otherwise you might have been able to prevent it. Yet organizations can prepare for it. 

Issue and crisis management is an ongoing process, where proper preparation and support ensure a better grip on the issue or crisis. An experienced crisis communications consultant from Castro Communicatie guides you during such an (unexpected) crisis.

Organizations are often too late and then try in vain to gain control over the messaging, which often leads to half explanations and inadequate spokesmanship. Proper preparation and support can help organizations get a grip on issues and crises. Loss of face as a result of an issue or crisis can be avoided through sound risk management.
Creating a protocol when the crisis is already in full swing is not ideal, yet it is often a reality. Constantly monitoring and validating actions around issues and crises is essential. At Castro, we don't simply give you a playbook, but offer structural guidance around issues and crises.

In a crisis, made-to-measure actions and overall quick action are crucial. Concrete solutions: that's what Castro Communicatie is all about. We work for foundations as well as listed companies and can respond quickly. We focus on delivering a clear message to your target audience, even when your organisation is struggling. 


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